Mark Hoeben and Ina Wichterich of TangoCapeTown are both highly talented dancers and performers in their own right but together they produce a unique Tango magic, full of emotion and tenderness, often with sparks of humour and surprise. Their dancing is musical and full of flow as they improvise to the music at each of their performances. The complexity and difficulty of what they are achieving at each moment is disguised by their style and seeming ease of movement.


They can perform in most spaces inside or out but are at their best in a room with a wooden floor and with enough space for them to show their versatility. They can demonstrate and describe briefly through Mark’s acting skills the Close Embrace Tango, the Tango-Vals and the Milonga: three discrete dances in the tango lexicon and bring an exotic and classy contribution to each event at which they perform. They can also offer a brief teaching session for party-goers to accompany their performance.