Stuart Lightbody Magician & MC

Stuart Lightbody brings the magic when performing and MC-ing events! The charming and witty sleight of hand artist and psychological illusionist thrills audiences on stage – as well as when roaming at guests tables or when they are networking.

As the South African Magic Champion, Stuart has represented his country at the World Magic Championships in Sweden and at the World Magic Seminar in Las Vegas. He has also won numerous local and international awards at arts festivals and magic gatherings, including two “Silver Ovation Awards” at the Grahamstown National Arts Festival, the  Overall Best Magic Award and “Weekly Best of Festival Award” at the Adelaide Fringe Festival and the “Creative Award” at the Prague Fringe Festival.

South African Magic Champion, Stuart Lightbody, performs in this waking dream filled with both strange and delightful wonders. Each layer of mystery is peeled back to reveal an even deeper layer. What will be revealed, and what will these mysteries reveal about us all?

He tours his shows across 3 continents. He can be found entertaining anywhere from private parties on the island of Capri, Italy, to theatres on luxury cruise liners, to corporate shows for the biggest Fortune-500 companies.

He spends his life pondering, practicing and performing moments that are beautifully impossible.


“Every part of the performance is breathtaking and so elegantly executed you find yourself, if only for a moment, believing in magic.” – Cape Times

“His performance is measured, graceful and unpretentious…” – Cape Times

“Sleight-of-hand gets a shot of elegant theatricality…” – Cape Argus

“…an unreal experience that relies on pure artistry to entertain.” – Cape Argus

“…beautifully impossible while still being impossibly beautiful.” – Cape Argus


Stuart Lightbody in Action!