Peter Greenwall

Capetonian author and composer Peter Greenwall draws knowledge from his 20 years of writing commercial music, which includes writing the opening ceremony for the 2003 Cricket World Cup, Cape Town’s 2004 Olympic bid, two Miss World beauty pageants, radio jingles, ringtones and staff training musicals.  He has also been involved in hundreds of innovation seminars.

Taking more than three years to put Logical Stupidity together, the result is a fun presentation of an in-depth study of the creative process.  His product also demonstrates how information travels, where stimulus comes from, how the past and the future are connected and how everyone plays their part in innovation.

Peter Greenwall’s unconventional (comedy) seminar about the psychology, theory and practice of innovation.

Taking the tried and tested showbiz formula of turning problems and neuroses into songs and humour, Logical Stupidity deals with the psychology, theory and practice of innovation.
This completely serious PowerPoint presentation deals with the art of PIFYAFFING (Pulling Ideas From Your Aspirations For FINancial Gain) in the fields of business innovation, marketing, PR, leadership and networking

Available in two formats:

1)    Corporate Cabaret – featuring singers and dancers

2)    Peter & PowerPoint – less song and dance, more innovation theory

Peter Greenwall is a composer, songwriter and errorthoughtical engineer.
He has no official credentials in making stuff up, which is why he’s qualified to write a book about making stuff up without any credentials.
If you believe that solutions & ideas can come from unlikely places then Peter Greenwall is the guy to open your mind to thousands of possibilities.

A free version of his book can be downloaded from:
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The show would be perfect for your educational workshops,  as well as all conferences where innovation, creativity and advertising are the main subjects