Linda Smith



Life is more fun when your finances are organized.

Is it time to take back the power, when it comes to your money?


Linda bought her first house at age 21, rented it out and paid the bond off in 5 years! The sale of the property facilitated the purchase of a beautiful home for herself and her husband. Two beautiful daughters and a divorce later, Linda found herself in single motherhood.


Through the challenges of raising her girls and building a future, Linda began teaching others to empower themselves, when it came to their money. Coaching led to workshops, (public and corporate) which led to the creation of the Abundance Diary and then the Abundance Journal.


Linda’s presentations promote financial peace of mind, abundance and flow, improving the very experience and quality of a person’s life!! Linda’s work provides simple and easy to use structures that support and facilitate easy money management. Linda’s priority is the financial well-being of people from all economic backgrounds, thereby facilitating an improved quality of life, increased productivity, focus energy and vitality.


Linda’s business as a Financial Coach started 12 years ago and she continues to make a difference!!


Key Topics Covered:


·         Financial Empowerment – how to experience financial peace of mind, NOW

·         Debt Freedom Plan

·         Abundance Budgeting


What people are saying:


I was so impressed by the workshop. I’m starting to look at my expenditure in a whole new light. I like the easy to understand, simple & achievable approach to finance. The fact that the workshops are “brief” and manageable, no OVERLOAD of information, suits me! In fact in my opinion is its just perfect, from all aspects.

– Gerlinde Kerling


Linda Smith is Financial Freedom!  If we learn from her teachings of money management and put them into practice, we will all experience abundance and flow of energy into our lives forever.

– Linda Binder