Justine Drake

Justine Drake, well known SA foodie, has worked in the food-media industry for about 25 years.  She started out at Fair Lady magazine with her hugely popular Busy Cook column that was later consolidated into her first successful cookbook. She then moved to become food editor for a number of magazines including Men’s Health, Shape and Discovery Vitality. Justine was also much acclaimed editor of Eat In Food Directory and launched the Eat In Small Producer Awards whilst she was at the helm.


This multi-talented foodie has presented and co-produced the BBC television series Just in Africa, which enjoyed  both local and international success, she presented a 13-part show for Discovery Health, “Discovery Vitality Healthyfood™ Healthy You” which was followed by her fifth cookbook – Simply Good Food.


Currently editor of the multi-award winning Pick n Pay customer magazine Fresh Living, for which she received the Pica Editor of the Year and  Best Customer Magazine awards in 2012


She is also festival director of the South African Taste Festivals held annually in Cape Town, Johannesburg, Durban and PE.




‘I don’t have hours to prepare the evening meal, neither do I have limitless budget, so modern, fresh food that is simple and quick to whip up is the order of the day.  I place a lot of emphasis on health and  I cook using produce in-season, it’s healthier, more flavourful and cheaper.’


‘I’m as time and cash strapped as the next person to fresh, healthy, affordable food that my whole family will enjoy is the route I tend to go.’


‘ I eat and drink for living, so how bad can it be?!’ As long as you don’t take yourself or food too seriously you’ll always have fun – and that, I think, is what life is all about.’


‘ Coming from a family of amateur cooks and professional hedonists, I have been cooking since I was old enough to stand!’