Jabaar Cassiem Mohamed Speaker & Disability Activist

Jabaar holds a BCom in Public Management degree and a National Diploma in Financial Management. He is a Presenter, Speaker and Talk Show host that confronts misconceptions about the Disabilities and Disadvantage community through informative and engaging conversations so that the broader public can see the benefits of having an inclusive society. He is familiar with the media as he has been regularly approached to comment on issues pertaining to disabilities, in his position as Provincial Director of DeafSA Western Cape and JB Media.

One of Jabaar’s first television gigs was being a presenter on Deaf TV (DTV), which aired on SABC 3 some years ago. Since then, he has been involved in other presenting opportunities, mainly being a South African Deaf Interpreter for  speeches made by the likes of WC Premier: Helen Zille, Provincial Parliament Speaker: Masizole Mnqasela, Minister Sharna Frenandez, Minister Nomafrench Mbomb and the CEO of Artscape Dr Marlene le Roux to name a few.

He has also worked with various video production companies including Muki Muki Productions, Film Afrika Productions, Nicky Productions and Magica Productions. He recently collaborated on a project with well-known comedians, Marc Lottering and Kurt Schoonraad. Jabaar has been involved in many community projects as well as the role of Guest Speaker and Motivational Speaker for various events. Jabaar is passionate about Arts and Culture, Community Development and Teaching as an active collaborator with Art Escape.

More recently, Jabaar Cassiem Mohamed earned the role of producer and presenter of his new show called, Accessibility with Jabaar. He has worked very hard to create an impressive television portfolio for himself. In 2019 he attended CTV’s Producer Development Workshops and has produced studio shows as well as documentary inserts on disability issues on CTV’s Open Studio platform. Through this project he has acted as a bridge linking the disability community to the general public and giving viewers a glimpse into the lives of those living with disabilities. In the process he has enabled Cape Town TV to reach a new audience and broaden its content offering with shows that are inclusive, educational and entertaining.

His goal is to actively change the narrative of people living with a disability by highlighting powerful universal stories that make for uplifting content. He also plays the huge role of informing members of the community about opportunities and tips on not only coping with a disability but flourishing with it.