Ilan Smith

Since 2016, Ilan has spent 6 months a year touring the USA, Canada and Australia entertaining delighted crowds.

Ilan performs for fortune 500 companies, the who’s who in the sporting world and celebrities alike. Whether pure entertainment at its best or using magic to market a company’s brand, product or message. He creates bespoke magical effects that wow audiences.

Whether it’s a small intimate group of 10, or a large theatre performance, Ilan will have audiences gasping in amazement. He releases you from the confines of your beliefs while he holds you in suspense and wonder.

Over the past four years Ilan has produced two theatre shows performing for thousands and receiving rave reviews. He has been invited to perform on T.V and even over radio. He was coined as the man who rose to Twitter fame having correctly predicted the outcome of the Soccer World Cup live on TV. Known as ‘The Man Who Saw Tomorrow’, and trending in three countries simultaneously.

Ilan will give your guests something to enjoy, laugh about and allow them to dream!