Colin Moss

Colin Moss has worked as a late night barman, a wine steward, a delivery guy and a magician’s apprentice (no he can’t tell you how to cut someone in half…he doesn’t know…it wasn’t a very good magician). He has spent countless hours in supermarkets promoting chips, dips, mayonnaise, butter, bratwurst, bierwurst, knackwurst, chorizo and those little cocktail sausages that you get at kids parties. Colin has also had a dazzling acting career including such roles as Santa Claus, The Easter Bunny, Spiderman, Goofy, The Tin Man and “The Magnificent Collywobble and his Wonderful World of Mystery”. Pizza delivery guy, watron, production assistant and labourer are other titles that Colin can proudly add to his resume.


In his spare time Colin has also presented a few shows (Citylife, Idols, Fear Factor), acted in couple of things (Isidingo, Crazy Monkey – Straight Out of Benoni, Number 10) and done a bit of stand up (London – Jongluers/The Comedy Store, Ireland – The International/The Ha’penny Bridge Inn/Murphy’s Laughter lounge and SA – The Comedy Warehouse/Hurricanes/The Funny Farm/Hysterixs/Comedy Showcase/The East Coast Radio HAHA comedy festival/The Smirnoff International Comedy Festival…)