Carina Bruwer Speaker & Influencer

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Carina Bruwer is one of Africa’s most decorated female open water marathon swimmers, an internationally renowned musician, a successful entrepreneur and a mother of three. This powerful motivational keynote speaker is known for boldly going where most do not – in the ocean, as well as in business and life.

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In her moving key note, “Against The Current” , Carina takes the audience on a musical and multimedia journey through the extremes of challenging her own human and professional limits, in pursuit of progress and altruism.

From turning a musical vision into reality against all odds, to brushing with death in pursuit of a childhood dream; from building a sustainable business from the Covid ashes, to marathoning through shark infested waters to feed starving musicians; and from breaking world records to standing strong against injustice  –  Carina’s real-life stories require no embellishment.

Through personal analogies, she shows with great effect how and why our imagination is our strongest asset, how to mediate with fear in order to manifest the ideas which may seem beyond our capacities, and how to continually access the strongest version of yourself to be able to confront life’s adversities.  The audience walks away with new tools to navigate a life and time where so much seems beyond our control, and to (re)discover their purpose and show up in a way that benefits their work, themselves, and those in their orbits.

Keynote performances includes: SANLAM, Woolworths, Momentum, University of the Free State, BestMed, YPO Africa, PPS for Professionals.

INFLUENCE: Instagram 21.5k followers