Short Chef, Skinny Chef

Short Chef, Skinny Chef is a uniquely South African food entertainment theatre, hosted by the Sipho and Claire. The narrativecentric live food theatre naturally showcases the sisterhood between Siphokazi (Short Chef) and Claire (Skinny Chef) through their interaction with audience while preparing their mouthwatering dishes. 2015 saw the launch of SCSC in South Africa’s flagship foodie events The Good Food and Wine Show KZN.

Claire and Sipho met on Masterchef where they were roommates at boot camp and the duo blossomed in the reality show’s kitchen in Paarl, where the two became very close friends. “We bonded immediately”, says Claire. “Short Chef Skinny Chef is rather obviously founded on the fact that Sipho is short and I’m rather skinny, it rolled off my tongue one day and the idea just stuck.” Sipho explains how the show is unique. “I’m short and Claire is skinny; it’s all about having fun but at the same time teaching and giving tips and also learning from the audience. It’s not all about us.”


About Sipho

Short Chef, Siphokazi, affectionately known as Sipho, comes in at 1.3m and when one says dynamite comes in small packages, this cook does not disappoint. With a full range of cooking abilities and experience to make any homecook a little jealous, she has a fountain of knowledge and love for cooking that is enjoyed by everyone that watches her. Sipho has been a domestic worker for the past fifteen years and, since 2014, has simultaneously worked for Pick ‘n Pay as well as represented Royco. She has also written a cookbook titled “My Little Black Recipe Book ”, and is currently working on her very own cooking show!


About Claire

Skinny Chef, Claire, lives by the quote, “my life is a constant battle between my love for food and wanting abs” – her cooking style is all about being homely, flavoursome and balanced, offering tips and tricks to make every meal just a little more delicious. Her earliest memories are in the kitchen cooking with her gran, watching cooking shows and trying to recreate the dishes. “I was going to study to be a chef but I changed my mind in matric and went into PR and events. However, my passion and love for cooking has always been there. I expressed this whenever I could and in 2014 my burning desire to see how good a cook I could be led me to entering MasterChef South Africa.” Being the Skinny Chef means Claire has a chance to dismiss the ageold myth that you can never trust a skinny chef. “You should trust them more! Cooking and enjoying your food is about balance and I wish to showcase that in my demos and food philosophy.” Claire’s personal brand is The Foodie In Love , which encompasses solo demos, blogging and a newly launched YouTube series.