Nik Rabinowitz

Stand-up comic Nik Rabinowitz attended a Waldorf School, where he learned how to plant vegetables, express his feelings through interpretative dance, and crochet his own underpants.


He always knew, deep down, that he was destined to go into comedy. Which is why, after finishing Matric, he studied Business Science. (His Mom said if the comedy thing fell through, at least he’d be able to feed himself).


Rabinowitz is not only very funny, he also has a list of achievements the likes of which many can only aspire to. For instance, he once posed nude. Not because anyone asked him to, he just did it. Also, he does an Archbishop Tutu impersonation so fine, the Arch now uses him as a body double.


International performances have included Britain, Holland, Australia, Canada and the US. He’s been a guest on BBC 2’s Mock the Week, performed at London’s Royal Albert Hall and intentionally driven on the wrong side of the road in Nigeria.

Nik presents “The Week that Wasn’t” for Cape Talk & 702, and plays a legion of characters in the online satirical production ZA News.

A little known fact: Rabinowitz is an extraordinarily talented cricketer. His leg-spinning prowess was so great that Pakistani bookmakers bankrolled his comedy career to keep his stunning skills out of the international arena.


Nik lives in Cape Town with his wife and two sons. His wife Debbie is a general practitioner, which means he can get a doctor’s note whenever he wants. Too bad he doesn’t have a real job.


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