Nicola Jackman

Nicola is a YAY Saying Madame of Ceremonies, she is a SOULution orientated, catalyst of joy, author and performing HEARTist. She’s been actively inspiring thousands to live joyfully since she launched her #JoyMoVement in 2003 ( As an actress, a global ambassador of kindness, one of Glamour Magazines “Women of the Year” for 2013 and a Naledi nominated actress in 2015; She’s become a popular MC choice for conferences and corporations as she travels internationally enthusing joyous delight. Nicola spends her time touring with MAfrika and facilitating fun & joy, delivering joy talks, performance heart pieces and she also sUPports training of other joy catalysts, care clowns, care givers, trainers and many others around Southern Africa. She creates playful, laughter filled spaces for people of ALL ages to have fun whilst they transform fear into loVe and she has inspired thousands into giggling & joyful possibility, innovation and solution orientation.

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As a joy catalyst, Nicola Jackman is serious about play and laughter. She inspired the audience to step out and become “yay saying solution orientated beings”. She captivated the audience with her ever present, joyous and infectious personality and her characterful persona which was delivered in joyful delight” NAMIBIA HEALTH PLAN


Nicola’s MC-ing was absolutely invaluable, she was the glue that kept the show together. Her hilarious antics and her inspirational way had the attendees hanging on her every word.