Ghia Human

This charming and charismatic musical performer’s showbiz journey began with training in music during her school years, furthered later through various music courses and private coaching. Thereafter launching into doing a multitude of live performances varying from resident vocalist at Bootleggers Swing parties to doing a short stint as part of the Electro-swing outfit ‘Lipstick Voodoo which performed in the ‘Tickle my fancy’ show at KKNK Arts festival 2014. Recently she wowed audiences as the opening comedy cabaret act for Conrad Koch’s ‘Missing’ show at the Joburg Theatre in 2015.


Initially from an advertising background, with more than 10 years experience as a creative in the field, Ghia has trained in performance through a variety of acting courses/workshops and private tuition intermittently since 2007 and continues to do so. In addition she’s done some informal dance training over the years and some stints for TV ads and film, adding another dimension to her work.


Ghia brings pizzazz to any event with either a variety of but not limited to jazz/swing, blues or R&B covers, which she can tailor to suit your specific needs. Her cabaret act, ‘Gigi La Chanteuse’, is unlike anything you have ever seen: a delightful, fun & quirky addition to any function.


From stage to studio, Ghia’s your girl. With a range of artistic talents and the business savvy to match, this lady’s looking for a stage to wow you from.


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Gigi La Chanteuse (Gigi and Louis Act)


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